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Spring, 2013

  • Connie Wood and Patrick Million return to create more magic in the Ranch kitchen this summer. Brandon Ashby joins them as our third cook. Brandon has cooked for a several lodges in Utah and Colorado, so we look forward to the recipes and experience he brings with him.
  • Leah Vader comes back again to serve as hike leader and housekeeper for a third summer. She will complete another round of eagle-watching in Arizona just in time to come to Ring Lake and help keep track of trails, housekeeping and the osprey, not necessarily in that order.
  • We welcome Maggie Bronson and Mo Morrow as our wranglers this summer. Maggie comes to us from northern California, where she has been competing in equestrian events, training horses and leading trail rides since childhood. Maggie offered that her â��top three special talents are parallel parking, catching loose horses, and making a darn good chili,â�� so she should fit right in. Mo first came to the Ranch in the late â��70â��s, and helped out as a volunteer wrangler at the end of last season. She has many years of experience as a school teacher of all ages of kids, so she will be a great asset in helping our younger guests improve their riding skills.
  • Ben Verheul has been hard at work this winter as Facilities Manager. The big fall project was a round corral to use in training horses. As usual, the hardest part of the project was finding ground that wasnâ��t hiding too many rocks under the soil.
  • Amanda Verheul continues to ride herd over the money, guest registrations, and Clayton. The new lines of clothes and other merchandise she put together last summer were a big hit, so make sure you come by the shop to see what else she might have added this year. She and Ben are welcoming their second child late this summer, so congratulations to them!

News from Ring Lake Ranch

Fall News, 2012

News from Ring Lake Ranch

Spring News, 2012

  • Connie Wood will be assisted in the kitchen by Patrick Million and Holly Forker. Patrick has cooked for many years in a variety of venues all over the western U.S., including everything from exclusive guest lodges to nonprofit venues with community gardens. He is an accomplished writer and avid hiker. Holly is a retiree who cares for her four grandchildren and runs a catering business from her home during the school year. She worked at a lodge in the Tetons during the summer of 2007 and has been eager to get back to the Wyoming mountains ever since.
  • Leah Floyd will join us as Head Wrangler this summer. Leah has lived in Dubois for the last 15 years, working for several of the local outfitters and ranchers. We also welcome Rascal and Rio to our herd of horses.
  • Leah Vader and Gary Ransom will be back to lead hikes and rides, respectively.

Winter News, 2012

  • Connie Wood and Karen Marshall will be preparing more of their fantastic recipes for you next summer.
  • Gary Ransom will be wrangling horses and guests again. We hope to add several new horses to our herd before the season starts, but all of your old favorites will be with us again as well.
  • Leah Vader will come in from watching bald eagles in the Arizona desert just in time to lead hikes for us again. Our sessions on â��Hiking with the Saints in the Wildernessâ�� and â��I Lift Mine Eyes Unto the Hillsâ�� will both be especially fun for hikers, but any week is a good week to hike at Ring Lake
  • Ben and Amanda Verheul continue on as Facilities Manager and Business Manager. I am especially thankful for their dedicated work during the off-season.
  • We will be hiring a head wrangler, another wrangler and a part-time cook in the next few weeks to fill out our staff.

Fall News, 2011

Summer News, 2011