Ring Lake Ranch has accumulation scores of testimonials about the Ranch, the Speakers and the Staff. Below are just a sampling.

"I thank each of the staff for the many ways—seen and unseen—you contributed to my long-wished-for trip to Ring Lake Ranch: comfy, beautiful cabins, boats, horses, hikes, meals, snacks, coffee, such healthy food and tasty, personal sharing, square dancing, birdsighting, fly-fishing, herons, moose, osprey, prayers, poems, and daily interactions — all part of me now. I head back home with a full heart and tighter jeans—memories galore." J.H.

"This has been a remarkable week for me. I don't have the words right now. It was peaceful and met all my needs." G.C.

"Thank you for making this week such a blessing. May all the work and sharing done here continue to serve many people." M.D.

"Thank you so very much for such a life-changing experience." J.S.

"Ring Lake Ranch is more than a guest ranch; it is a community." K.S.

"Your Ranch staff works like a well-oiled machine — pleasant, helpful and courteous — also interesting and knowledgeable." L.K.

"Wonderful that it's such an open, inclusive place spiritually. A marvelous week in every way." C.H.